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How to play hopscotch (with a difference)

Children from all over the world have been playing hopscotch for decades. Persil shows you and your kids how to play hopscotch with some fun variations.

Played by children all over the world, hopscotch is one of those classic games that never loses its charm. Whether you’re teaching your toddler how to count to ten, or looking for fun kids’ activities on a hot summers’ day, all you need to play hopscotch is an empty bit of pavement, some chalk and a group of kids ready to hop!

World hopscotch for kids

Forgotten how to play hopscotch? Not to worry – the rules are actually really simple: after a court of ten boxes is drawn on the pavement, each kid takes turns in tossing a stone into a box. They then hop through all ten of the squares, skipping the one hit by the stone. The one that finishes the court first, wins. Easy peasy, but did you know that you can make hopscotch for kids as fun or educational as you like? Why not teach your kid about countries all over the world by playing this world hopscotch game?

How to play:

  1. Ask your child to draw the boxes on the pavement with chalk (make sure to check on a small area first to keep the chalk from staining the pavement). When playing on sand, you can just draw the boxes using your finger or a stick
  2. Pretend each box is a different country by printing countries’ names in the box (pick countries all over the world and think of some fun facts about them)
  3. Give your child a marker, stone or bean bag to toss into a box
  4. Your child can then jump or hop into whatever box her or his marker chooses
  5. They then name the country and tell you some facts about the country, like the spoken language, the capital city or the continent it’s in

This world hopscotch game is an excellent way for your kids to learn some interesting facts and develop their coordination while playing outside with their friends. You can change up the countries as much as you like, and you could even consider adding some extra fun rules such as setting a timer or changing the shape of the court. Instead of pretending the boxes are countries, it’s also a fun idea to play around with different categories. Print categories like ‘TV-show’, ‘pop song’ and ‘animation films’ in the boxes and let the kids name examples of each category while they hop.

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