Parenting Tips

Parenting Tips

We all want the best for our little ones, which means that many of us worry about how to be a good parent. That’s why we’ve put together lots of parenting tips and advice on good parenting skills to help you on your way, including advice on how to communicate with your children and help them grow in confidence, creativity and compassion. Omo is on your side, so check out our tips for parents whenever you need a little help.

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  • Hand Washing for Kids
    Hand Washing for Kids
    It seems like such a small gesture, but when your child washes their hands, it’s actually a significant action. Good hygiene is a step towards fighting illness and combating disease. The simple act of washing hands regularly can drastically cut the likelihood of illness. As parents, teaching our children good hand washing techniques and habits […]
  • Meaning of Toddler Tantrums
    Meaning of Toddler Tantrums

    Tantrums – every parent knows what they are like! But what do toddler tantrums mean? They can be difficult to understand – and it’s difficult for moms to know what to do about them, too! Surf excel knows how important your little ones are – and we want to help moms understand this important stage […]

  • Why Sleep is Important for Kids

    Sleep is more important than you think. We need sleep to keep us healthy, happy and doing our best.

  • Learning Letters for Fun

    Ready to teach your child about letters? We’ve got a great way for you to teach them the basics.

  • Teach Your Child to Read
    Teach Your Child to Read

    Give your budding bookworm a helping hand with these tips on teaching your child to read!

  • Why is it Important to Set Goals for Kids

    Goal setting for children is important because it gives them a sense of purpose that can improve your child's confidence

Developing good parenting skills

Good parenting skills begin with open and honest communication between you and your child. It can be a challenge, but spending time together is vital for their development as well as for helping to nurture the bond between you. 

All kids need friends their own age, so encourage them to meet other children, share experiences and play with them – this will help them grow in confidence and develop emotional skills from an early age. Follow our good parenting tips to help you manage these experiences and don’t forget to take a look at our kids activities for inspiration of games, crafts, and celebration activities you can try.

Your child will need to take on more responsibility as they get older and become more independent, so it’s a good idea to encourage them to do this from a young age. There are many small ways they can do this: try assigning them, household tasks like setting the table to encouraging them to spend time with older members of the family. Good parenting tips encourage you to assist with all areas of your child’s development and this will certainly contribute to that.