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5 Important Safety Rules for Kids at Home and on the Road

As a parent, you'll always be concerned about the safety of your child. Here are some important things to keep in mind about safety at home and on the road.

As parents, there’s nothing more important than your child’s safety. This guide covers important things to keep in mind about road safety and safety at home for kids to ensure your little ones don’t have any nasty accidents.  

Safety Rules for Kids:

1. Buckle your seat belt.

This is the number one rule of road safety for children. In India each year, there are hundreds of road accidents, which result in children being severely injured or worse. In an accident, seat belts prevent you from flying out the windshield or being thrown against the inside of a vehicle. Teach your kids to always buckle their seat belt, even for a very short journey. It only takes two seconds, but it can save their lives!  

2. Lock the car door during a journey.

Kids can be curious and play around inside a car, especially if they get bored during a long journey. You don’t want them opening the door by accident and falling out! It only takes a second to do so, and can mean a safe car journey. Teach your kids to lock the door and not to play with the locks while the car is moving.  

 3. Don’t play or run near the street.

We are all in favor of children playing outdoors in fresh air, but they should do it safely. Kids should stay away from playing near busy roads, and they should never run on the street. This is another important rule of road safety for kids. You never know when a car can come speeding around the corner, and if they’re busy playing, they won’t be paying attention to an oncoming vehicle. Here are some ideas on how kids can play safely outdoors.

4. At home, be careful in the kitchen.

Kitchens are full of knives, electric utensils, open flames, and hot pans – so the kitchen is a potential hotbed for accidents at home. If you’re busy cooking, you may not be paying attention to what your kids are doing. To prevent this, teach your kids never to play in the kitchen, and to treat the kitchen as a place to be careful in. Make sure knives are far out of the reach and safely secured when you’re not using them. Turn all pot and pan handles so they don’t stick out from the stove and can’t be knocked over. And unplug all electrical appliances when not in use.

5. Never mix water and electricity.

This can lead to electrocution, which no one wants to happen. Teach your kids to remember to never touch water and an electrical appliance at the same time. This means toasters, hair dryers, radios, televisions, lamps — anything that plugs into an electrical socket. Again, make sure all appliances are unplugged when not in use and that they are kept far from any water sources. Teach your family these basic safety rules for kids, and you can be sure they’ll be on their way to leading fun, healthy childhoods!