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All About Education: How You Can Help Your Kids Enjoy School

Children don't always realise the importance of education, so it's important to get them excited about it! Read on for tips and tricks!

All children, no matter where they’re born, should have a right to education, and a good education can make such a difference in a child’s quality of life. Yet, our kids sometimes complain that they have to go back to school this month! It’s our job to really emphasise the importance of a good education and help our kids excel without seeming like the annoying pushy parent!

The Advantages of Education for Kids

As well as the obvious advantage of gaining qualifications, landing a good job, and earning a healthy wage, a good education has many other benefits. It is perhaps fair to say that currently not all experiences of the education system in India are positive, but your kids could be the ones to change this. Education, over everything else, raises awareness, and that’s the vital aspect when it comes to boosting an economy and improving an environment. Even simple things, such as learning about water conservation in the home, can encourage your kids to take what they’ve learned and apply it to other areas.

Many areas that are improving in India – such as healthcare, child protection, and environmental protection ­– could be boosted by today’s generation gaining a better education on the whole than our generation, and those before us. It’s not all about bettering the nation, though – it’s also about giving our kids more opportunities in life. Education can unleash a child’s potential, and good qualifications can lead to an abundance of job openings and a freedom to travel and see the world. Schools are also an excellent place for kids to mix with others, and learn important social skills that simply can’t be taught in the home.


How to Get Your Kids Excited About Education

Even after you've found the best school for your kids, they might still need some encouragement to feel excited about education. The best way to convince your kids that going back to school isn’t so bad is to help make learning fun for them. Take an interest in what they’re learning. Ask them what new things they’ve been taught, and come up with some interesting learning-based games to play together at home. Here’s a little bit of inspiration: *For kids who have learned new math skills, try playing a game that involves a set of dice. Encourage your kids to add or subtract the values themselves, and point them in the right direction when they get the totals wrong, but don’t tell them the answer directly. *If your kids have learned new English skills, word games are great fun for the family.

Make up some easy flashcards with words and pictures, and ask your kids to match the right cards to each other. *A globe is a must-have accessory for kids who are learning geography in school. Rather than naming a country and asking your kids to locate it, make it more challenging by mentioning something about the country, rather than its name. Don't forget that outdoor play is also important for your little ones, too! Getting messy when playing outside can be fun and educational – after all, that's why we at Surf excel think that Dirt is Good – Daag Acche Hain!

Are your kids looking forward to returning to school, or are they dreading it? Have you found any clever ways of building their enthusiasm for school, or do you and your family play any educational games together? Why not share your ideas with other parents below and let’s see if together we can change the face of education in India!