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Parenting Tips | Baby Workouts: Getting Started | OMO

New Moms have a Hard Time Getting Back into Shape While Nurturing their Newborns. Here Are 4 Ways You can Burn Calories While Taking Care of Your Baby

For new moms it’s tough to find the time to work out when your baby is in need of all of your attention. So what about working out while giving your baby all the attention it needs? A great way to stay positive and have fun, here are a few cool opportunities for you to turn quality time into a calorie burning good time.

Tummy Time

To develop a strong core – neck, back, and tummy – is essential to improving your overall fitness, and a great way to do so is by using your baby as a fun, lightweight weight. One your back, with your baby seated on your tummy, lift him or her up with your arms (with a funny face here or there) until your arms are straight up and down. It’s a great way to exercise and makes your little one smile.

Super Squats

For moms with front carriers, this exercise is an easy way to strengthen your glutes and make your baby giggle. To do the exercise: strap your baby in to the front carrier and squat at least 10 – 15 times before taking a break. It may seem simple at first, but the extra weight of the baby really makes your legs work as you get into the fourth of fifth set of the routine.

Lunch Lunges

Turning lunchtime into an exercise opportunity is another awesome way for you to make the most out of a situation. While feeding your baby, use the time to do your lunges by offering them a spoonful of food every time you bend into the exercise. You can even get in a few extra reps before the next mouthful! It’s a fantastic exercise we highly recommend.

Mission Plank

Planking might not seem like the best time to make your baby giggle, but with the right approach it’s an amazing way for you and your little tyke to spend time laughing. With your baby lying on its back, it’s the perfect time to pull a few funny faces and really add some laughter to the afternoon. Start slowly with your reps, steadily lengthening the time you plank as your strength continues, making sure to pull funny faces and make your baby laugh. It’s another amazing way to spend some quality time with your baby.