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Being a Mum and Comforting Your Children: Pleasure Grazed with Worry

When you go to comfort your kids when they’re upset, do you take pleasure in the fact that they need you? Find out what other mothers think here!

Being a mother so often means experiencing two conflicting emotions, as our Mother Venn diagrams show. This can surely not be better illustrated than by the moment when you go to comfort your kids when they’re upset or they’ve fallen over.

Being a Mother - Comforting

The heart beats with worry about whether they’re OK or if it might be something serious, while underneath there is a deeply-felt pleasure of being needed as the comforter of your vulnerable child. It’s a complex layering of emotions that mums everywhere will experience at some stage. Kids love to run, play, and explore, always knowing that their mums are there to catch and comfort them.

Being a Mother: How to Remove Blood Stains from Kids’ Clothes

If your little one grazes his or her knee and there are blood stains in their clothes, soak the fabric in cold water, add detergent as per the dosage given on the back of the pack, and soak for a while. Then, wash with a normal machine cycle. Remember, you can always use the Stain Gang app to find out the best way to treat stains on a variety of fabrics. When they’re little and wobbly on their feet or just simply running faster than their feet will carry them, do you find you’re constantly having to stop yourself from asking your kids to slow down and be careful?