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Being a Mum: A Life of Emotional Development and Conflict

This Venn diagram shows the conflicting emotions you feel when your kid gets involved in cooking dinner. Read on to find out what other moms think about this!

Motherhood means emotional development for children and mums; it means experiencing a complex, heightened version of everyday life. The smallest, most ordinary moments spark off reactions that are rarely, if ever, one clear emotion. The feeling of being a mum can be found in the intersection of two conflicting emotions, a positive feeling and an anxiety. That’s what lies behind our collection of Mother Venn diagrams, which reveal the very special and unmistakable mix of joy and worry that being a mum brings.

Cooking with Kids: Enjoyment and Worry Are Part of Emotional Development

Mother's Venn - Life Skills Worries

These conflicting emotions can be triggered by everyday situations, such as cooking with your kids, getting them involved in preparing a meal or baking a cake. Seeing their little faces so absorbed in the task –and knowing they’re picking up life skills for their future – brings about a lovely feeling. But, of course, you can’t help noticing when you’re cooking with the kids that the mess is spreading around the kitchen – and all over their clothes and yours! Mixed in with the enjoyment of cooking with kids, then, is an equal measure of worry about cleaning the kitchen and also the stained clothes. In that special mix of emotions is the real flavour of motherhood.

Being a Mother: Cleaning up Afterwards

You can use the Stain Gang app to help you deal with any stains on your kids’ clothes – you can trust Surf Excel to help get your clothes fresh and clean, so you can spend more time with your kids! You could even get your kids help you do the washing to teach them more life skills, too! What other life skills activities bring out a similar mix of emotions for you? How do you feel about how these everyday activities influence emotional development for children?