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Being a Mum: Not Laughing at Funny Things Kids Say

Do you sometimes laugh when you child says something funny, only to realise it makes them feel embarrassed later? Share your experiences here!

The feeling of being a mother so often means experiencing two conflicting emotions, as our Mother Venn diagrams show. As kids improve their language skills, there are all sorts of funny moments for mums, and there’s nothing more delightful than hearing your children learning new words.

Being a Mother - Laughing at the Wrong Time

Being a mum means you know how sweet and funny it can be when those words don’t come out quite right. We wouldn’t be human without the urge to laugh. But, fighting the laughter in that moment is the fear of making your child feel embarrassed. Being a mum means feeling that enjoyment in how funny kids can be while also not wanting them to lose their confidence when practicing their language skills.

But don't forget that it's also important for kids to learn not to take themselves too seriously - developing a sense of humour is invaluable! Being honest, how many of you have laughed first, and then found yourself trying to reassure your kids afterwards?