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Being a Mum at Birthday Parties: Happiness Under Pressure

Birthday parties are lots of fun, but you know the pressure of having to organise the best party for your child! Have a look to see how other mums cope.

Our Mother Venn diagrams reveal that the feeling of being a mother is found where two conflicting emotions intersect. This series is sparked by everyday experiences, like kids’ birthday parties.

Being a Mother - Worry-Free Birthday

Your kids’ birthdays are a really fun time for everyone. It’s a lovely feeling being able to throw them a party with their friends, and give them presents and treats. But, being a mum means that you know just how stressful birthdays can be, too!

The pressure of the day builds up until you feel like a balloon ready to pop. We all want to host the best celebration, make the best cake, and have the most well-behaved and harmonious party (even though we all know that kids’ parties are chaotic, and that’s half the fun). In that mix of enjoyment and pressure is where you’ll find the true feeling of motherhood.


Being a Mother: How to Remove Stains from Party Outfits

How to remove stains from all the sponge and cream in birthday cakes? This is a great question, as it can be a very sticky business! Cream should come out of kids’ clothes easily if you wash them as soon as you can in warm water and detergent according to the dosage instructions given on the pack.

Will everyone turn-up to your child’s birthday party? Will they all like the games? Will your little one have the happiest birthday ever? Do you find their happy little face makes all these niggling worries disappear? We've got some great tips for a stress-free birthday party!