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Being a Mum: The Guilt of Children Watching TV

Do you worry when your child watches TV, or do you enjoy the moment of peace and quiet? Read on to see what other mothers think!

Our Mother Venn diagrams show that being a mother so often means feeling two emotions at once, positive and negative. One thing that invokes those emotions is the effect of TV on children.

Being a Mother - TV

All mums will know that feeling of calm that descends as the children start watching TV, sitting quietly with their favourite movie. They’re happy and quiet, and you get some time to relax or catch up with things you haven’t been able to do while playing with them or trying to get them to settle down. Interrupting that nice, deserved feeling of calm, though, is a niggling worry about the potential negative effects of children watching TV and too much time spent in front of a screen.

Should you be encouraging healthy habits for kids instead? Mums everywhere know how hard it is to tune out that worry and just enjoy the calm. How often do you get to enjoy those wonderful moments of peace and quiet? Do you worry about the effect of TV on children?