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Boys’ Dress Up Stories: How One Boy’s Kit Gave Him Sporty Power

His favourite outfit can make your little one feel like he's got special powers! Click here to read about a mums view on her son's dress up games.

All moms know what it’s like – your son loves a particular item of clothing so much that he wants to wear it everyday! Boys love to dress up, too, and especially love dressing up in their sports uniforms! They may love these uniforms, but you might not have the same feeling – instead, you might want to ‘lose’ them in the laundry!

We’ve talked to moms across the world about what their children love to wear, and how they go about making sure it stays clean and bright! This week, we’re travelling to Turkey and talking to Ruya, mother of eleven-year-old Bugra. Bugra is a Taekwondo fanatic. He’s pretty sure dressing up in his special outfit gives him extra sporting powers. In fact, he never wants to take it off. But his mum has a love-hate relationship with Bugra’s Taekwondo suit.

dress up games for boys - taekwondo suit

Tell us a bit about this special Taekwondo outfit. Sounds pretty amazing … It’s made out of a special white fabric and it has an official Fighting Sports Federation logo on it.

Cool. And when did he get it? He was given the outfit before a big kids’ championship. He’s been doing Taekwondo since he was eight.

So was it love at first sight? He thought he was specially blessed with the uniform when he first got it.

We’ll take that as a ‘yes’! So how does the outfit help him? Even his walking changes when he’s wearing it. He’s much more confident. He feels like he has super powers.

Sound great. Lots of boys dress up for sport. So what’s the problem? He wears it all the time. And now all his friends want one too. Sometimes I catch them fighting like Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. Oops.

Has it ever got him into trouble? One time he persuaded me to let him wear it to school for his free wear day. Next day his teacher called me to tell me – with an extra-kind voice – not to send him dressed up in it again. They’d all been fighting in his class because of the outfit.

Oh dear. The other parents didn’t see the funny side? It’s hard to see the funny side if you are a parent and you see a Taekwondo kid in your child’s class.

Quite. Well anyway, Bugra still sounds brilliant to us. Let’s change the subject. Does the suit ever get dirty? Sometimes the white suit comes back a brownish colour if he’s been playing football. He rolls in the soil.

So it gets washed a lot? At least twice a week. Ever been tempted to ‘lose’ it in the laundry? I have a love-hate relationship with it. But Bugra loves the outfit very much because he loves Taekwondo. And he finds his personality when he is so active. It makes me proud when I see him succeeding in his sport. It would make any parent proud. We’ll look out for Bugra at the 2016 Olympics.

Tip from the Stain Gang : Just in case your little one ever wears their special outfit to a big event, we’ve got some tips to remove those muddy stains from cotton. Just let the mud dry, then scrub with a brush, then simply pop in the wash on a normal cycle using Surf excel. To keep those special boys’ dress up outfits clean for those special occasions check the Stain Gang for more stain removal tips.