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Child Health in the Rainy Season

With these health tips for the rainy season, your kids can safely enjoy getting messy in mud & puddles! Find out how you can avoid common monsoon ailments here.

Droplets of water rolling down your windowpane, a soft drizzle outside, and green trees that have been washed of all dirt– all of these are common sights during the rainy season. And, jumping in puddles of water, making mud pies in the wet playground, and getting all mucky and dirty in the rain – that is what kids love the most about this season! But you must keep in mind that the monsoon also heralds a host of child health and wellness issues. The rains bring along many waterborne diseases, and the rainy season is the perfect breeding season for mosquitoes and germs. Keeping homes clean to prevent monsoon ailments is also a major concern for mothers, who want to ensure that their children remain healthy and well.

Some Child Health and Safety Tips for Monsoon Season

Keep your baby hydrated: In monsoon season, sweat does not evaporate quickly because of the high humidity levels. This prevents the body from releasing heat. Therefore, keeping a bottle of boiled water handy is always sensible.

Encourage a balanced diet: It might help to know that digestion during monsoons is pretty slow – so giving your little one too much food can cause indigestion and worse still, jaundice. Incorporate vegetables like bitter gourd and herbs like neem  and haldi  (turmeric) into your kid’s diet. These are rich in antioxidants and help prevent infections.

Eat fresh: Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before giving them to your little one. Leafy greens especially tend to carry germs, so try steaming them in order to clean them properly.

Shower: Make sure you add a generous amount of antiseptic liquid to the bucket of water for your little one’s bath.

Walks: Avoid walking in parks immediately after a downpour, and avoid places where rainwater forms puddles. These places are slippery, and your child could easily get hurt if they slip here.


Preventing Common Monsoon Ailments

Keep mosquitoes away: If there is any stagnant water around, mosquitoes start breeding and multiply very fast. Be sure to drain flower vases and coolers regularly. Also, use mosquito nets and apply repellents on your child to prevent mosquito bites. As a simple home remedy, you can use camphor or cloves to keep flies and termites at bay.

Be cautious about street food: Your kid might love the chaat and bhajiyaas across the street. But food exposed to the weather may contain bacteria that can cause indigestion. Worse still, it can lead to food poisoning and harm your child’s health.

Foot care: Make sure your child’s feet are clean and dry at all times. Dampness can lead to monsoon ailments like fungal infection and athlete’s foot. Keep your child’s shoes and socks dry at all times.

Appropriate clothes and footwear: Dress your child in light and loose cotton clothes that will allow their skin to breathe. Also, use talcum or prickly heat powder, especially on areas that are more prone to infections. Wet shoes can also lead to skin infections, so make sure that these are completely dry before putting them on.

Take very good care of your little one during the rainy season. It is their business to be on autopilot into every puddle – and it is your task to see they remain safe while they enjoy the glorious weather! And if you allow your kid to have some fun in the puddles and they come back with their clothes stained with mud and dirt, do not worry – we can handle them all. What you actually need to care about is your little one’s health, and then you can enjoy the rainy season in style. For the sake of those smiles, ‘Daag Achhe Hain!’.