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Dress Up Games for Kids: A Guide for Super Heroes (and Their Moms)

Many kids have that one special outfit they love to dress up in. Click here to read stories about favourite outfits from all around the world!

Kids love dressing up and playing dress up games for kids. Often they want to wear the same special outfit everyday – even if you would like to get rid of it somehow! Any mom would have the same reaction – they may want to ‘lose’ this particular item of clothing in the laundry! In this series, we’re travelling around the world to talk to moms about their kids’ favourite clothes. We start here in India with Sanchita and her son, Jaiveer, who is four years old. Jaiveer loves his super hero outfit. He’s pretty much inseparable from his cape – and it’s driving his mum a little bit crazy.

dress up games for kids - red cape

So, Jaiveer is a super hero, is that right? Yes, he runs around shouting, “I’m a super hero” and trying to get attention. He’s always been a bubbly child and he loves to dress up.

And he’s got the dressing up outfit to prove it? A blue t-shirt with a big logo on it and a small, red cape.

And when did he get his outfit? I bought it for him in the USA. He chose it himself because he loved the cape. He tried it on and ran around to make the cape fly, which it did.

Of course it did. That’s what super hero capes do… Nothing wrong with dress up games but does he ever ‘dress down’? Sometimes I want him to wear something more formal, like a shirt, but he refuses. He would like to wear his cape all the time.

Makes for an awkward situation when it’s time to give it a wash? We have long arguments. I tell him: “It’s good to dress up but you’re stinking”. It’s a long, difficult process.

But there’s nothing worse than a stinky cape! Delhi is very dusty and everything seems to get dirty of its own accord. I wash it twice a week, at least.

We’ve all been there. Ever been tempted to ‘lose’ it in the laundry? Sometimes there are pen stains that won’t come out. One party he came back with cake all over him. I was secretly hoping it was ruined so I could throw it away.

But you didn’t of course because that would be mean … Yes. I think he would be very upset if it did actually get ‘lost’. I would feel like a mean mum. He gets so much enjoyment out of it. Dress up games are something he loves. Kids love to play dress up games, and long may it continue. How can a super hero save the world without his cape?

Tip from the Stain Gang : Keep dressing-up outfits clean and bright and remove any ink stains from polyester coloured fabrics by sponging the marks with methylated spirits (available in most superstores and pharmacists). Then, wash as normal with Surf excel. Just remember to check the label for care details of the stained garment – and to be extra sure, conduct a test on a hidden area of fabric first. For any other super-hero stain dilemmas, you can use the Stain Gang to find out how to get rid of stains.