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How the Emotional Resilience of Children Makes Them Superstars

Emotional resilience is what makes your child a little superstar! Click here to find out more about the resilience in kids & enter our contest!

There are many inspirational stories on how kids find their way to tackle adversities in life. The use of various skills and strategies help them to cope with challenging situations and take care of themselves. Through emotional resilience kids discover their courageous side. With the support of parents it can be improved and learned. You can start building emotional resilience in children by helping them understand their emotions, develop self-awareness and react positively.

Building Emotional Resilience in Children Means Giving them Freedom: Kids Fall, but they Get up

Learning how to get up after a fall is a normal part of your child’s development. Mothers have a definite urge to protect their children from harm and injuries. But, when we overprotect them, we make them inadvertently more vulnerable to taking on a negative attitude in life as they grow up. By taking a fall, they get hurt and they get dirty; but they also learn how to avoid falling, and how to deal with a setback, building emotional resilience . This continuous attempt to move ahead is what makes them Little Superstars.

You’ll Often be Surprised by the Resilience of Children

When kids participate in sports, they are bound to get hurt sometimes; but they get up and make no fuss about it. They always bounce back in no time! In addition, they know that they have their mommies and Surf excel at home to take care of their soiled clothes.

They Feel the Pain, but Forget it Really Fast

Kids feel the pain when they get hurt but they tend to forget that pain real fast. Pain does not bother them. Yes, they do cry a little. But they forget it much faster than we adults do. It is this emotional resilience and zeal to move on that makes children little champions! They are true superstars!

So, Emotional Resilience in Kids Makes them Little Champs

Your kids are little champs. To understand this phrase and to become a champion, you have to think like a child. Like champions, kids are always willing to learn. They are always geared to make use of a new skill in real life as soon as they learn it so that they can take their success to a new level. They are aware that failure is their best teacher as they learn from their mistakes and keep on trying until they succeed.

Kids are eager and willing to accept all kinds of situations and adapt their behaviour and their attitude accordingly. This is their hard road to success. Building emotional resilience in children early on in life is good for them. It gives them the ability to counter adversity and to bounce back in life from the challenges they face. It is this resilience in kids that allows them to fall down and then pick themselves up. Whether their achievements are small or big, mothers love to celebrate every small moment, like their child’s first attempt to ride a bicycle or the time that they came first in the hundred metre hurdles’ race.

Celebrate Your Children’s Resilience with the Little Superstars Contest!

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