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Fun Kids’ Room Decorating Ideas

Looking for fun kids' room ideas to brighten up your little one's space? Try some of these fun kids' room decorations and tips! Click here to find out more

While it is true that a person's room is a reflection of their personality, it is also definite that the room one lives in can affect them intellectually and emotionally. This is why having a beautiful, neat and tidy room is always a good idea, more so when it is your kid’s room. Here are some kids’ room ideas to help your child decorate and organise their bedrooms better.

How to Decorate Kids’ Room Walls

When decorating kids’ rooms, it’s a good idea to focus on brightening up the walls first and foremost: after all, wall decorations don’t take up any floor space, allowing your kids a little extra space to play in.

Use your little ones’ artwork as kids’ room decorations

All children love to express themselves through art, by drawing and colouring. The pictures that your child produces are probably precious to you and you want to preserve them. One way to do that would be to decorate your kid's room with their own masterpieces – simply frame and put them up on the walls. Not only will this add a burst of colour and creativity to the room, but your family will be able to cherish the pictures for a long time. It will also encourage your child to draw and paint more, and to get more creative. And any stains on clothing left behind by the colours can be easily managed with Surf excel!

Brighten up your kid’s room with paper garlands

You can also decorate your kid’s room with garlands. They can be hung on windows, from shelves and ceilings, draped on headboards of beds and so on. It is very easy to make paper garlands, and even children can learn this craft quickly. Among a wide range of possible kids’ room decorating ideas are garlands made out of paper snowflakes, paper and fabric flowers, or little pompoms. Your child can make these in one colour theme, or use a mix of all the colours that he/she likes the best.

Try decorating kids rooms with posters for a pop of colour

Children these days are fond of animated movies, superheroes, anime characters etc. To show their love for their stars, children can put up posters in their rooms. You will see that a room is instantly transformed for the better when a blank wall is plastered with colourful posters. The posters can be bought from the market or you can order custom prints. Your children can even create their own collages with pictures collected from magazines or found on the internet. Working with glue to make a collage can make clothes messy. But you don’t have any reason to worry – Surf excel can clean the toughest of stains easily.

Fun Kids’ Room Ideas to Make Space & Aid Study

These kids’ room decorating ideas are a great way to make use of the space you have to brighten up the room, declutter, and help them with their school work!

Use toys as kids’ room decorations

Toys can be spread all over a child's room or they can be arranged in a creative way to enhance the look of the room. Be it toy cars, stuffed animals, dolls and doll houses or any other toy, you should encourage your child to place it in his room in a decorative manner. For example, you may have a little shelf installed in the room for displaying toys when they are not being played with. A table may also be placed in the room on which toys can be nicely arranged: your child can get creative, and arrange whole toy cities on the table.

Add a study corner and book shelf to your kid’s room to help them study

Getting creative is definitely essential for a child, but it is also important to study and to read. Encourage your child to study by designating one corner of the room as a study corner. Here, you may put maps and charts on the wall, and maybe even a little blackboard. A bookshelf is also a good idea for a child's room. Be sure to pick books that appeal to your child and are meant for his/her current age group. Colourful children's books are one of the best decorative items to have in any room!

Try adding a school timetable to your kid’s room decorations

Continuing with the topic of studies, a school timetable is a must in every child's room. There is, however, no reason for a boring looking chart. Drawing, for kids, is an enjoyable activity, and they can cover the timetable in little sketches, colours and doodles. Want to share more kids’ room decorating ideas with us? Do it through your comments and let us know more on how to liven up your child’s room.