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Girls’ Dress Up Stories: Homemade Clothes Today, Fashion Designer Tomorrow

Girls can have a passion for clothes, but some favourite outfits you'd rather lose in the laundry! Click here for personal experiences from other mums.

Every child has a treasured item of clothing that they would dress up in every day if they could, even if you’d dearly love to ‘lose’ it in the laundry! We’re travelling around the world to talk to moms about their kids’ favourite dress up outfits. Today, we’re talking to Suzanne from the UK, whose eleven-year-old daughter wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. Most girls dress up for fun – but because Amy wants to be a fashion designer, she likes to personalise her clothing. Her mum has grown used to her unique crop top designs but would happily ‘lose’ some of her girl’s dress up clothes in the washing machine if she could!

Tell us a bit about Amy and her crop tops then, Suzanne. She sounds really creative… She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up, so there are always little projects in the pipeline. That’s her dream – helping others to dress up.

Any creations she’s particularly proud of? She loves homemade crop tops which she likes to fashion herself out of old tops or dresses using a pair of scissors. A year or so ago, we went to a Royal Wedding party and Amy wore a homemade crop top that she’d made from an old dress. It was a really nice, really expensive dress, but it didn’t fit her anymore. So, she took the scissors to it and made a crop top out of it. Well, it was more of a strapless top really, but because she’s a child it didn’t stay up!

And what does this crop top look like? It was made from funny material. Like I said, it was a dress. She cut off the skirt part of it and then just left dangly threads. Awful!

Well even Coco Chanel had to start somewhere… You weren’t too annoyed about it, were you? Not really because the dress didn’t fit her anymore. I like her being creative with what she wears but sometimes it is a bit embarrassing!

So, what’s your least favourite crop top? A lot of time in the house she wears a crop top that has silly words on it. She didn’t actually make that one. She bought it.

Oh dear. Ever been tempted to ‘lose’ it in the laundry? Sometimes I hope her crop tops will just fall apart. But they always come out still intact. And she’s so creative. She sews things on them like ribbons and it always stays on, even when it goes through the wash.

She sounds like she’s got a real talent. I think it’s very good and creative that she wants to make things and enjoys dressing up in her creations. And she’s started wearing my clothes now because we’re nearly the same size.

Watch out for those scissors – she’ll be ‘designing’ your look next – and we’ll look out for Amy’s dress up clothes designs on the catwalk.

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