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Girls’ Dressing Games: The Girl who Loved Polka Dots

Does your child have a favourite item of clothing that you'd rather lose in the laundry? Your not the only one! Click here for stories from all over the world.

We’re talking to moms all over the world about their kids’ favourite pieces of clothing. This week, we’ve travelled to Indonesia to talk with Mila about her daughter’s favourite shirt – which is also Mila’s least favourite shirt! She’d love to ‘lose’ it in the laundry, but her daughter would protest too much! Mila bought four-year-old Azeeza a red polka dot top, and Azeeza loved it at first sight. Now, her demand to play dressing games in it every day is driving Mila a little bit crazy. And Mila needs to wash it all the time, too!

This top sounds pretty eye-catching. Can you describe it? It’s an oversized top with polka dots. It’s made from a thin and stretchy cotton fabric.

And how does Azeeza look when she’s wearing it? She just looks silly in it. It’s too big for her. It’s so oversized that it always slips off her shoulders when she wears it. I have no idea why I bought it in the first place.

Girls play dressing games in the funniest things don’t they? Does she really love it? When she first saw the top it was love at first sight. It was as if there were love hearts in her eyes.

And she wears it a lot? Almost every day she asks to dress up in it. And, almost every day I have to wash, dry, and iron the top just to be worn again in an instant.

Sounds like hard work … Ever been tempted to ‘lose’ it in the laundry? I have thought about tearing it and telling her that it was eaten by rats! Ha ha.

Sounds a bit drastic… do you think Azeeza would believe you? I don’t have the guts to take that chance. Once her granny and I kept telling her all week that it was dirty so that she couldn’t wear it. When it got to the weekend I thought, “Great, she’ll never wear that top again.”

We can sense a ‘but’ coming… But… Told you so. She searched the closet and she saw the polka dot top in the far corner. She shouted, “It’s not dirty, it’s clean!” And she was very upset. She even wore it to bed that night so that we couldn’t hide it again. But you can’t blame a mum for trying!

You certainly can’t. So now you just let her wear it? I wash it most days. It’s just dirt and sweat. There aren’t any stains. I’ve surrendered. We don’t blame you. Azeeza sounds very attached to dressing up in her polka dots.

Tip from the Stain Gang: To help you keep the peace and keep cotton clothes free from perspiration, simply dampen the stain and apply a little bit of Surf excel detergent directly onto the stain. Leave it overnight, and then in the morning you can rinse it thoroughly and then wash as normal.

If the perspiration has changed the colour of the fabric, you may be able to restore it by rubbing a little ammonia on a fresh stain, or white vinegar on an old stain. Just remember to check the label for care details of the stained garment first, and always conduct a test on a hidden area of fabric.

For any other stain removal tips, check out the Stain Gang. Does your child have a special item of clothing that you dislike but that they can’t be parted from? We know that dressing games are so important for girls and boys – does your child have a special piece of clothing they like to dress up in? Let us know in the comments below!