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How to Bring Out the Best in Your Kids: Activities and Skills for Children to Encourage a Sense of Determination

Determination is an important skill for children that helps them gain other skills, too! These activities are great to develop your child's determination!

One of the hardest lessons in life for children to learn is the one about failure. No one is able to do everything perfectly the first time, and not everyone can win all the time. Teaching children skills that help them address failure in a productive way can go a long way towards preventing problems with self-esteem and confidence in later life. Encouraging your child to persist with a particular activity or skill also helps foster a sense of determination. A ‘try, try, try again’ attitude is, after all, often the only way to encourage kids’ skills. Activities that involve repetitive actions, cooperation, or teamwork are therefore a good choice for encouraging determination and persistence. No surprise then, that team sports and games like kabaddi topped the list when Surf excel surveyed a group of Indian moms to find out what activities would develop determination skills for kids.

Moms also highly rated other activities that demand a high level of accuracy, like dancing or even playing video games, as good for building determination.