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How to Bring Out the Best in Your Kids: Instilling Responsibility and Related Values in Children

How do you encourage responsibility in your children? Find out which activities other mums think are best to encourage kids' responsibilities!

When we talk about wanting our children to grow up to become ‘responsible members of society’, what we often really mean is that we want them to care about and understand the impact they have on the people and environment that surround them. Surf excel asked mums what they did to encourage responsibility in children, and the overwhelming response was that they involved their children in activities with a strong focus on teamwork, cooperation, and looking after others. In particular, they highlighted how important spending time with grandparents was for your little ones.


But what about a child’s individual responsibilities in the home? As parent, how do you know when to give your child complete control over a particular project or task? What should the personal responsibilities of children be? The answers to these questions often depend on an individual child’s level of independence and autonomy.

Children develop at different paces, so it’s always important to remember to introduce new responsibilities to your child when they are comfortable and ready for a new challenge – to avoid piling the pressure on. Are your kids responsible for some of the chores at home? When did you first let your child walk to school alone? We’d love to hear about what you’ve done to teach your children responsibility.Don't forget to check out our other infographics about how to encourage your child to develop social skillshow to share with others, and how to develop a sense of determination and persistence.