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How to Bring Out the Best in Your Kids: Nurturing a Sense of Gratitude and Love in Children

Love and gratitude are important values to promote in your children. We have asked moms how they teach these values to their kids - click here for the results!

Many people believe that being ‘thankful’ – having a sense of gratitude and appreciation – can have a big impact on personal happiness. But sometimes it’s difficult even for adults to be thankful and loving, especially during times of personal difficulty or stress. So, how do we instill a sense of gratitude in children? Besides teaching our kids how to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, what else can we do so that our little ones learn to appreciate what they have? Surf excel asked moms to tell us what they did to help teach their children love and gratitude, and this was the result.

According to the moms that we surveyed, some of the best ways to teach gratitude and love are situations where you spend time with others and help them. You can also use stories to contrast a child’s personal worldview with those of others, which can be an effective technique for teaching your children to appreciate what they have. Think of the stories and adventures that your parents can share with your little ones, and look at our other articles about grandparents for more ideas!