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How to Bring Out the Best in Your Kids: Teaching Children about Sharing & Giving

To bring out the best in your kids, it's important to teach them about sharing & giving! Surf excel mums know great ways to teach that sharing is giving!

When more than one child is in a room with a bucket of toys, more often than not an adult ends up playing referee! It’s the job of the adult to keep things fair and to break up squabbles over who plays with what and when. It can be exhausting! But teaching your kids about sharing and giving is so important. All of us want our kids to become generous, caring people who understand that sharing is giving – even if all they can afford to share is time. When we at Surf excel surveyed moms about what activities they thought were best for sharing and giving, we got the following results:

Spending time with family and engaging in activities that emphasise cooperation, like team sports or organising an event, topped the list. Our forward-thinking mums also see the potential of social media to teach kids that sharing interests and opinions is a great – and free – way to show people you care.