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How to Choose a Name for Your Baby: Resources and Strategies to Help You Find the Perfect Indian Baby Names

Do you still have to choose a name for your newborn baby? This article has lots of tips to find the perfect name!

What’s in a name? Or, rather, what’s in a name for your newborn baby? Names are very significant – your child will carry it for the rest of his or her life, and most of us in India believe that a child's first name has a strong influence on his or her personality. Therefore, the naming of your newborn baby is a great responsibility indeed – and choosing a name for your little one can seem like a difficult task! There is no need to worry, though – we are here to help! This article will outline a few strategies and resources you can trust when looking for baby names.

Going the Traditional Route: How to Choose Indian Baby Names

Your baby is unique and the most special person in the world for you, and you will probably want to bestow a truly unique name on your child. If you or your family has religious leanings, one good place to start looking for baby names would be your family priest. Most priests, according to the raashi, would work out the first letter of the prospective name, and that will narrow down your search considerably.

You also need to decide if you want to restrict the search to names from your culture – say, Telugu baby names or Tamil baby names – or widen your search to include other baby names from religious scriptures and mythological stories. Popular Telugu names include Aalam, Chitraksh, Devika, and Srikala, and popular Tamil names include Adhi, Kannan, Latha, and Meenakshi. If you want to go the traditional route for Indian baby names, then outsourcing some of the work to your parents or in-laws would help.

We Indians are big on family, and so every aunt, uncle, and friend in the vicinity of your baby will want to suggest a name – especially if you tell them that you haven’t started your search as yet! Your parents and other family members would love to feel involved as they look up names – and you will have one thing less to worry about! Getting your family to create a shortlist from the Dictionary of Sanskrit Names is another good option.

Choosing Indian baby names is a big responsibility, but your family can help.

Alongside their search, you could do your own research by reading up the stories of old mythological figures that captured your imagination as a child and bounce around names with your loved ones. It is fun to discuss the meanings of different names, and you might find new names you hadn't considered.

Other Resources for Children’s Names

If you are a modern Indian woman, then the world of Indian baby names is at your fingertips, with plenty of online resources and books to assist you in your quest to find the best name for your child. A good place to start would be to borrow or buy a couple of chart-topping books about Indian baby names, as well as looking online at different name resources like Pitarau and Bachpan.

Certain Indian baby names have become extremely popular – you can see the top 40 most popular baby names in India in 2012 here. If you have had a baby boy recently, you might have considered names like Aadi, Aaryan, Aarav, Ishaan, Arjun, and Siddharth; popular girl’s names include Ananya, Kavya, Ishaani, and Ishika.