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How to help your child meet developmental milestones

Development milestones are important for your child. Here are some ways that you can help your child to meet their developmental milestones.

Raising kids can be a thrilling experience, from their daily fast pace development to their learning curves. Parents often describe the process as “reliving their own childhoods”. It can however, also be a source of uncertainty because let’s face it, parenting by nature, is unpredictable.

Developmental milestones are the objectives most children reach by a certain age. There are five main areas of development; they are cognitive, social & emotional, speech & language, fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Fostering healthy development in your children depends not only on them but also on you as a parent. Parents are always eager to know when their little one will crawl, walk or talk. However, every child is different, but there are a few things you can do to help them reach these goals.

Here are some ways that you can help your child to meet their developmental milestones:

Positive parenting

Positive parenting plays a big role in how your child develops. It’s a way to holistically encourage growth in all areas of development. Positive parenting includes predictably responding to your children, showing sensitivity and affection towards them, setting boundaries and routines and reading and talking to and with your children.

Diet and nutrition

Your little one’s diet and nutrition are another holistic way to help them to meet milestones. Not only are there a few dietary milestones which include the first introduction of solids to the first taste of eggs, nuts and honey. But food is also a basis for a healthy immune system, physical growth and even brain development. A healthy, balanced and age-appropriate diet is a great way to help your kids along their journey to each milestone.

Physical activity

Regular physical activity from rolling over, sitting and crawling through to climbing trees and playing competitive sports is an opportunity for your child to develop in all areas. Activity helps to strengthen bones, build muscles and maintain a healthy heart. Achieving certain milestones is made easier with regular physical activity.

Sleep tight

Sleep is an essential part of life for children and adults alike. Not only is an adequate amount of sleep important for your little one but regular bed and wake times are also a factor in the quality of your child’s sleep. Sleep can impact attention, behaviour, learning, memory and overall mental and physical health. Ultimately enough good sleep is important for the growth of your children.

Step into their world

Development is also dependent on how your child is coping in the world. Their place in the home, friendships and their daily life can all be factors that affect your kids. Establishing security and confidence through empathy is a great way to walk with them through their milestones.


A touchy subject for many parents is the term discipline, which tends to spark dread and incites disagreements. The term doesn’t mean a choice to punish your children or not. Discipline is all about setting boundaries for your kids however you choose to do so.

The way your child sleeps, plays and even eats can have an impact on their development. Encourage them to explore the world, get dirty, try new things and even fail. Because no journey is too big, no stain too stubborn, no experience wasted, and no lesson lost when you are growing.

For tough stains, all it takes is a good detergent and some simple laundry tips to ensure your washing gets its lustre back. Take a look at activities that show you how to save water for kids and other great ways to learn and grow with your little ones.