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Inspiring Parenting Blogs: Five of Our Favourite Mom Blogs and Parenting Blogs

There are many amazing parenting blogs out there - click here to see a roundup of five of our favourite blogs!

Parenting blogs are great places to find parenting tips and ideas for kids’ activities. Parents in India today can have many questions when it comes to parenting and raising a child. Because families in cities are increasingly nuclear families, new mothers sometimes lack the support system that was generally provided by the extended family, and hence they need a back-up system where they can find answers to their questions and different ideas about child-rearing without worrying about what other people might think of them!

Many parents are also increasingly looking at new ideas of parenting and want new sources of information, and mom blogs and parenting blogs are great resources for them. Another aspect of parenting in India is the fact that, along with children, parents too have to be a part of the extremely competitive education system, and children work very hard to stay at the top of the class.

Also, many families have both parents working, so the time spent together as a family can be quite limited. We all love finding new ideas for fun and educational activities to do together as a family! Mom blogs provide great ideas for family activities, along with lots of welcome support and advice to help your little ones unleash their potential and develop.

Parenting Blogs


Great Parenting Blogs and Mom Blogs for India

Because Surf Excel wants to encourage moms and dads to share their experiences and help their children learn and grow, we’re working together with some amazing parenting blogs. We’re proud to be involved with these dedicated writers, and we’re sure you’ll love their blogs as well! Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Our first guest post writer, Uma from Momscribe, writes about things pretty much all moms care about: lifestyle, health and beauty, product reviews, entertainment, and of course parenting and education! You can find her guest posts here:

And don’t forget to check out some of her poetry, too!

2. While The Alternative is not a dedicated parenting blog, it is a great resource for responsible parents who are interested in sustainable living. Apart from useful tips about going green, they’ve also got plenty of articles about education and child development, and lots of great ideas for recycled craft activities! Some examples of their content:

3. Loving Your Child is another wonderful parenting blog. The posts on this easy-to-read website cover topics related to kids of all ages, from tips on coping with serious issues to ideas for light-hearted and fun activities. For example: 

4. The RivoKids website is not just a parenting blog, but a whole community – with parenting tips, contests, product reviews, and a very active forum community. Most of the articles are based on the writers’ personal experiences, making for an engaging read with real-life solutions, like this one:

5. With internet access, location is no longer an issue when you’re looking for inspirational mom blogs, so why not have a look at international bloggers, too? Amy from Earnest Parenting publishes many fun and informative articles and guest posts from fellow parenting heroes. What are your favourite parenting blogs? Let us know in the comment section below! Also, if you’ve got a parenting blog yourself, get in touch with us, and maybe you’ll be featured in our next mom blogs article!