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Parenting Tips | Learning Letters for Fun | OMO

Ready to teach your child about letters? We’ve got a great way for you to teach them the basics.

Teaching your young one about letters in a fun, educational way is the best way to help them learn fast and enjoy it too. Ready to teach your child? We’ve got a great way for you to teach them the basics. When you’re really busy, it can be difficult to find a useful, fun way to keep your kid entertained. Children, at the best of times, are full of energy and naturally need a little extra TLC to calm them down and use their energy in a smart, enlightening way.

Be it on a road trip, buzzing around town or simply at home, you need some way to harness that energy and make the most of it. And we think we’ve got the solution. The Letter Wheel! A simple, smart way for your children to learn and have fun, it costs next to nothing to create and has the potential for hours of freedom and fun with your child. What You Need:

  • Paper Plates
  • Pens
  • Scissors

What to Do: Write out the letters of the alphabet along the edge of the plate, with each one separated by a thin bit of white space. Then, with your scissors, cut between each of the letters so that they can be folded independently of each other. And let the games begin! Now whenever the time comes, hand the plates over to your child and ask them to point out each letter of the alphabet.

As they learn he letters challenge them to spell different words or 2 to 3 word sentences (with one or multiple plates). Hopefully your child will have enough fun with this game to play it on their own or ask to play it with you while you’re busy. If not, offer them small, healthy and tasty rewards for playing.