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Rewarding Child Behaviour With Treats: Pleasure Spoilt by Guilt

It's fine to reward your child with a treat, but do you ever feel tempted to give them chocolate to stop them being naughty? Find out what other mums think!

Our Mother Venn diagrams show that being a mother so often means feeling both positive and negative emotions at once. Seeing your child’s face light up when you give children a treat – their favourite sweet, for example – is a lovely feeling. All mums have that natural instinct to make their kids happy by giving them something they love. You’re rewarded with a smiling, happy child. But, at the same time, we all identify with the worry about giving too many and whether our children will only be good if they think they’ll get treats as a reward. Pleasure and fear are like two sides of the same chocolate coin where motherhood’s concerned, and nothing brings those feelings out like trying to influence child behaviour.

Being a Mother - Rewarding


Being a mother: Getting Chocolate Stains Out of Clothes

If chocolate gets dripped onto your kids’ clothes, put the garment in a plastic bag in the fridge while the stain is still wet. Leave it in there until it hardens, then take it out and scrape off any excess with a blunt knife. Then, just add the item to your normal wash. If the stain persists, soak overnight with a biological detergent powder and warm water. Good child behaviour deserves a reward from time to time. Giving your children a treat when they have been good and then feeling a bit guilty about it is one thing, but have you ever secretly been tempted to give them a treat just to stop them from being naughty, in order to encourage them to be good?