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Sharing Parenting Advice with Others: Help for Mums Touched with Anxiety

Do you enjoy sharing experiences with other mums, but also worry that you might be doing it wrong? Surf excel knows all about his kind of emotional conflict!

The smallest of situations can spark off a blend of emotions for mothers, as our Mother Venn diagrams about being a mother illustrate. A chat with other mums to share parenting advice, for example, can help. There’s something deeply reassuring about sharing your problems and stories with someone who is likely to have had similar experiences – or who at least will understand where you’re coming from.

Being a Mother - Sharing Parenting Tips

Sharing parenting advice with other mums can bring huge relief. You can laugh together and regain a sense of perspective. With that relief, though, comes an element of worry about revealing your own approach to parenting and whether it’s the ‘right’ style.

There are many different parenting styles, but the most reassuring thing of all is that all mums know this mix of relief and fear. You don’t need to worry when you’re with other mums – they will understand! There are plenty of things to share with other mums, from parenting advice to grumbles about behavior to even just a good gossip. What do you find yourself talking about when you get together with other mums?