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Simple Chores for Kids: Is Your Kiddo Your Little Helper?

Getting kids to do chores not only teaches them responsibility – it's easy once you make it fun! Find for a list of fun ways to try chores for kids here!

Involving your little ones in household chores has its advantages. Perhaps the biggest merit of kids’ chores and children playing a role in doing household work is that it makes them responsible. Moreover, they begin to appreciate and value the work they do when they do it themselves. Here is a list of chores for kids around the house, along with ideas that will help you to make household tasks fun for your kids.

6 Simple Chores for Kids Made Fun


Make Tasks Like Dusting into Fun Chores for Kids Through Competitions

Cleaning and dusting are tedious jobs for adults. So you can very well imagine that children will run away from it at every possible instance. You can, however, make getting kids to do chores like dusting enthusiastically by turning this task into a game in which kids compete to win. You could time your children to see who cleans their room first or other areas of the house, and also does it best. Not only will your children be glad to help you out, they will also work quickly and effectively. You could also make their favourite pie or cake as the prize for the winner – that will be an added incentive.


Encouraging Your Little One to Try Easy Kitchen Kids’ Chores

Unlike cleaning, cooking is something kids enjoy doing – of all the chores for children, this one is the easiest to persuade kids to try. To get them started, you can choose some simple recipes. When they are successful with the first few, they will probably want to get more involved in culinary pursuits. Be sure not to expect too much from children when they cook at first. Also, be very careful when they are around objects like knives and fire. If they make a mess in the kitchen and stain their clothes, which they probably will, you have Surf excel to clean them back again! Other easy kitchen chores for kids include setting the table for serving meals, and putting dishes in the washing sink when the meal is over.


Gardening is Not Really a Chore!

Simple outdoor activities like watering plants and generally taking care of them by pulling out weeds and raking away dead leaves in the fall season can easily be made into enjoyable and simple chores for kids. When they work in the garden, they generally learn by observing their surroundings. If you encourage them to plant a few saplings themselves, you will see them take an active interest in gardening when they see the plants grow. And for all the soiled clothes, Surf excel hai na!


Getting Your Children to Do their Own Kids’ Chores

There are many tasks that children can and should do for themselves, such as polishing their school shoes every day, cleaning their bicycles over the weekend etc. Show your child how to do such kids’ chores nicely, and explain why they should be responsible for the same. The truth is children feel good when you trust them with small tasks as this gives them a sense of being responsible and grown-up.


Shopping Chores for Kids

Shopping is fun for kids. Once all the shopping is done, encourage your kids to help you carry the shopping bags till the car and then from the car to the entrance of your house. This will make them responsible and caring.


Getting Kids to do Chores: the Question of Incentives

Though a lot of parents think that giving their child an allowance for doing household chores is the right thing to do, research shows that this may not be the best way to proceed. Your children are young and in a state of mental and moral development, which is why it is important to make them understand that every family member has a responsibility towards contributing to household chores. Praise & appreciation should be their only reward for this. Do you have more to contribute? Share it with us through your comments!