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Stories about Dress Up Games for Girls: A Jumper with Real Sentimental Value

Your child's favourite outfit can have real sentimental value to them - click here to read the story about a little girl's favourite jumper!

All across the world, you can find the same situation: kids love a particular piece of clothing and want to wear it all the time, but their moms hate it! They may even want to ‘lose’ it in the laundry. We’re talking with moms from countries all around the world to find out their stories. We’ve been to India, Turkey, the UK, and Indonesia so far. Here is the story of one mum in Vietnam and her daughter’s favourite jumper. When seven-year-old Quynh Trang’s mum tried to give away an old yellow jumper, she soon discovered that her daughter was very attached to this piece of clothing. It had greater value to her little girl than just something to keep her warm or play dress up games in.

girl dress up games - lost yellow jumper

Tell us about Quynh Trang’s special jumper. It’s a mustard yellow colour with a high neck, and she loves to play dress up games in it. It has some Chinese writing and three bears stencilled on the front. She got it from her granny – my mum – about four years ago.

Sounds lovely and cosy but it must be a bit small for her now? It’s too short. Last winter she wore it at home, but when she wore it outside it didn’t keep her warm. She had to wear something else over the top.

But she loves it all the same? She is obsessed with it. She wanted to dress up in it every day. She loved this jumper from the very beginning. She refused to take it off. She was afraid of losing it.

And she still wears it a lot now? Whenever we go on a family outing, to school, shopping, everywhere.

Must have been through the wash a few times now. How’s it holding up? It’s in the laundry at least once a week during the winter. But it’s actually in good condition considering how many times she’s worn it over the years. The colour has faded a little, but that never puts her off dressing in it though.

So, retiring it on the grounds of wear and tear isn’t an option. What about handing it down to a younger child now it’s too small? I told my daughter last year: “This jumper is too short for you to wear. You should give it to your cousin”. So, last winter, I decided that Quynh Trang had out-grown the jumper, and I gave it to her cousin when we travelled to my parents’ house.

And how did that go down? She threw a terrible tantrum. 

Oh dear… She cried and cried and demanded the jumper back from her cousin. The jumper was important to her because it was a gift from her favourite granny.

Aww. You can’t argue with that. I had no idea my daughter was so sentimental! I had to beg her cousin for the jumper back. It was embarrassing. But my mum was delighted – she felt special. And, now that I realise and accept the importance of the jumper, I feel nostalgic when she wears it.

So it went from hand-me-down to hand-me-back? Well, it is clearly a very special jumper. Stain removal tip: To remove stains like fruit from those cherished woollens, simply rinse the stain with cold water straight away and then just wash with Surf excel as normal. When trying to remove any stain, remember to check the clothing label to find out how to treat the garment. To be extra safe, test any product on a small area of fabric first. Check out the Surf excel website for more tips to care for your jumpers and other woollens. Have you ever had to ask for a hand-me-down back because your little one just couldn’t bear to be parted from it? Share your stories here with us. We’d love to find out more.