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Teaching Your Children How to Forgive on Forgiveness Day

Forgiveness is an important life skill, and Forgiveness Day is a good opportunity to teach your kids about the value of forgiveness. Click here to find tips!

Did you know that, in addition to your kid’s birthday, there exists a second and third day when your little one can expect to be pardoned for all the little naughty deeds they do? Aptly named, Forgiveness Day is celebrated as Global Forgiveness Day on 7 July and as International Forgiveness Day on the first Sunday of August. Sometimes your little ones might be a bit naughty – after all, this is a part of growing up and learning right from wrong. Teaching them how to forgive and how to ask for forgiveness in turn is a great opportunity to instil the attribute of forgiveness in your little darling while they are still young and can be taught.


Forgive and Forget: The Importance of Compassion

Did you know that forgiveness is an equally crucial life skill? As a concerned mom, you will often find yourself telling your little one to forgive his or her friends or even a sibling when they have caused pain or anger.  Learning to truly forgive will improve your quality of life It is a good way to avoid anger, and it also will keep you from resentment, anxiety, and depression. So, this Forgiveness Day (and every other opportunity), spend some time with your children and teach them a thing or two about how to forgive and forget.


Talk It Out

Simply teaching them to overlook the wrong deeds of the offender is not an option, nor is it something that your child will accept. Kids often think that forgiving is synonymous with pardoning and accepting the errors and wrong behaviour of the other person. Make them aware of the difference – perhaps say something like, ‘I do not think what you did was right, but it won’t do me any good if I stay angry with you forever and so I forgive you.’ Help your child to understand and empathise with the wrongdoer. Ask them how they would have behaved if they were in a similar situation. This essentially teaches them that the person might not have meant to cause hurt or pain.


Don’t Worry If Forgiveness Takes Time

It is important to tell your kids that it can take time to forgive. It is essential for your kid to realise that it is important to let go eventually. Although it might not happen overnight, making the effort is the most important part of learning to forgive. Fortunately, kids’ memories are still short and the child who was the enemy one day can become their best friend another day. Keep a look out for repeated bullying, though, as the memory and reactions then need to be tackled differently.


How to Forgive: Setting an Example for Your Children

We often forget that kids learn from us, and if you are not a forgiving person yourself, it will really not help to get your kid either. They will not follow what they could see as instructions or orders, and they will not genuinely understand what you are trying to teach them. So, if you are late to come back home from work and tell your child, “Please forgive mommy for being late”, remember to forgive your kid the next time he misses his curfew timing from the park and comes back late. Make sure that your child understands the true meaning of the word ‘sorry’ and learns to use it, too – correctly, and not as a way of avoiding trouble.