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Tips on How to Teach Children About Colours

Colours are an important part of life, so it's important to introduce them to your kids from an early age. These activities will provide lots of colourful fun!

Colours are an important part of everyday life, and children start recognising colours as soon as their eyesight becomes developed over the first few months of their lives. Introducing colours to children is important, and you can start teaching children about colours at the age of 2. Here are some creative ways of introducing colours to your child!

Colours Activities for Children

Start with only one colour Red, blue, green may all be commonplace for you, but they can be daunting for your child. So to help your toddler learn about colours, start with just one at a time. For example, show your child only red for a week and then show blue. Always start with bold primary colours first and then move on to complex colours.

Colours, colours everywhere The world is full of colours, so show your child colours all around him or her! Talk to your toddler about the blue sky, green grass, green leaves, red roses, yellow marigolds, and so on. Do not expect quick results since colours in nature are not always the same hue as in a book or flash card, but gradually the child will start picking up the shades. 

Create colour flash cards Flash cards are a great way of teaching things to kids. Draw or paste some pictures with bright, bold colours to teach children about colours. Just ensure that pictures represent natural colours on the pictures, too, so that it does not confuse young minds. So, the sky should be blue and not green and leaves should be green and not pink. Keep complex stuff for later!

Colours of fruits and vegetables Food can be a great way to teach colours to kids. Point out the colour on everything in the kitchen. Show the green pepper, red tomato, white rice, yellow banana, and so on. Some fruits like apples come in different colours like red and green; this teaches your kids that same things can also come in different colours. And for a really colourful treat, bake these rainbow pancakes!

Finger painting Kids love making a mess, so let them have fun exploring different colours! Finger painting can be a great way to teach children about colours. Make sure you give them one colour at a time and then the next. You can try out hand painting, as well. And don’t worry about the mess – Surf Excel is here to help you get all your clothes clean and bright!

Scribbling with crayons Let your little Van Gogh colour to her heart’s desire. Give her a special art book of her own and let her scribble whatever she wants. Keep mentioning the colours every time you give her one. Drawing and colouring is not only great for teaching children colours, but also good for hand-eye coordination – and you can keep those lovely masterpieces saved forever.

Play-doh Play-doh is great for young children and it is colourful. You can easily teach children colours while making dolls, ducks, birds and so on. Once your kid is comfortable with primary colours, you can also mix colours and teach them about complex ones.

Balloons Balloons are a favourite with kids and they love playing with them. Buy balloons in different colours and teach them about red, blue, green, purple and so on. How do you help your child to learn colours? Share your favourite colours activities for children in the comments below!

About the Author: Priya Sachan is the founder and author of ShishuWorld, which is an Indian parenting website. A mom to a 2 year old and an ex-techie who quit her job to pursue motherhood, and she writes on all things to do with parenting from feeding babies to toddler issues. ShishuWorld also provides free apps and games for parents and children.