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Your Parents and Your Children: Role Models and Personality Development

Grandparents are important role models for your kids, and can be a good influence on child behaviour, helping in their personality development.

There is no one as suitable as your parents when it comes to finding role models for your child’s personality development, and your kids can act as their role models, too! Who came over to help you with your home and a brand new baby? Your parents! Who do you leave your children with and can be completely at ease about? Your parents!

Who do you call in a panic when your child is not feeling well? Your parents! Who makes your father go on all fours to become a horse? Your child! Who gets your mother in a tizzy making the traditional sweets during a festival? Your children! Who gets granddad to give up his afternoon siesta because they need to be taken for a match or a dance practice? Your children! Your child grows up observing how you treat your parents – how you speak with them, and the things that you do with them. No matter how lax their behaviour is with you, your children learn to show their grandparents the deference that they command. Child behaviour and healthy habits for kids are learned from watching the most significant adults in their lives – their parents and grandparents!

Your Parents and Your Children Role Models and Personality Development


How Grandparents Encourage Healthy Habits for Kids

  • Stimulate healthy habits for kids: Encourage your parents to include a lot of veggies and fruits in their diet, motivating your kids to appreciate good healthy food, too. Allow your kid to go for a walk with his or her grandpa, getting both of them to get some exercise.
  • Learn new skills: While grandma learns how to bake cupcakes and brownies, your children can also learn how to shell peas and cut up the veggies. For all you know, grandma can turn a chappati into a quesadilla faster than you can imagine. And she can teach your children easy recipes for kids, knowing how to supervise their efforts. Likewise, it could be your children who teach your parents how to bake and share cake recipes – or how to set up their internet and email IDs. Your kids will probably share their email IDs more readily with their grandparents than with you! 
  • The art of reading: Parents and grandparents are great resources when children are learning to read. After all, we read in bed, read the newspaper, and read on electronic gizmos! Grandparents are good to cuddle up to and learn the alphabet from, and kids can also learn to read a language other than English when talking with them – great for both language and personality development!

Get Your Parents to Influence Child Behaviour

  • Watch old movies together: Exposing your children to a culture that is in some ways dead – and in other ways as alive as it was a generation ago – is good for their personality development. Watching old black and white movies shows kids about life and history and teachesthem important values. Discussing the motivations and nuances of a film explains cultural differences to the child, and creates an empathy with the grandparents to the modern ways of thinking. 
  • Show respect: Watch your child – he or she observes how your parents treat those less fortunate, whether it is the daily help or the waiter in a restaurant. Emulating how significant adults behave is important for a child’s personality development. Grandparents may be able to influence child behaviour in a positive way, teaching them the importance of showing respect to all members of society. 
  • The old art of craft: We have fancy stationery now, but do you remember making a collage with broken glass bangles decorating the village scene, elaichi skins as bird wings,and pencil shavings as flowers. These are materials that grandmom can provide in a jiffy, and the children will love this activity for its sheer novelty. 
  • Make new memories: Your parents will have boxes of old photographs locked away – these are full of treasured memories. Get them out as a family and share the stories, look at the clothes, and talk about the ancestral home. Make a scrapbook together that will teach your children about their family in a way that they will treasure as much as your parents. 

Grandparents are an important resource for personality development tips for both parents and children. Thus, it is very important for them to have a positive impact on the lives of their grandchildren. Does your child try to imitate something that his or her grandpa or granny does? We’re sure it’s fun watching them.