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Capoeira in Brazil

Capoeira is a fun mix of dance, martial arts, music, & play! So it's perfect to help active kids express themselves. Find out about capoeira for kids here.

Capoeira [kap-oo-air-uh] is an incredible mix of music, dance and martial arts. It was created in Brazil more than 400 years ago by African slaves mixing together the different fighting styles of their tribes, and soon became a traditional sport for many Brazilian people.

Today there are Capoeira schools around the world, with a broad range of students; adults, kids, families, friends and all different cultures and faiths. Those taking part form a circle and take turns to play instruments, sing, and mock fight or ‘spar’ using beautifully fluid athletic movements, with particular focus on leg spins and kicks, each person with own expressive style. It’s amazing to watch - but extremely difficult to do!

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