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Conkers in the UK

Conkers is one of those essential autumn kids' games – the kind they'll remember and play again year after year. Find out how to play conkers here.

There aren’t many reasons that children in the UK look forward to summer ending, but playing conkers is one of them. Conkers are the seeds of the horse chestnut tree that fall to the ground during autumn.

The game consists of drilling a hole through your conker, tying a piece of string through the hole, then swinging at your competitors. If you hit your opponents, you get another go, and you keep going until you knock theirs off the string. If you miss, it’s your opponent’s turn. Whoever doesn’t break, wins.

The secret to the game is making sure your conker is the hardest. While some only play with the ones they find on the ground that day, other people go to incredible lengths to make sure they win: baking in the oven, soaking in vinegar, and painting with nail polish are just some of the things they do!

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