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Being a Kid

Kids want to play. All the time! Active learning is vital for being a kid and that's why we believe that dirt is good.

Kids are naturally drawn to play, and they want to do it all the time! Some play is supervised and some happens in situations when you’re not around: at school, at a friend’s house, at play groups and during after school clubs. Children love to get dirty when they play, from rolling around on the grass to making mud pies, playing is crucial to a child’s development.

We, as parents, can often put up barriers that prevent our kids from engaging in play, and we do it without even realising it. It is important to remember that dirt is good, and is an integral part of playtime. Getting dirty also plays an important role in improving a child’s immunity. For our global research paper,

Have a Go!

We wanted to find out which activities kids around the world would love to “Have a Go” at. We also wanted to learn about some of the concerns that parents have when it comes to allowing their children to try new things. You’ll be pleased to know that the outcomes show that you’re not alone in how you may feel when your children tackle a new endeavour! You might also be surprised by the activities that kids really want to try during playtime.

Top 10 Have A Go! Activities for Kids

Here are the top ten activities that children globally want to have a go at:

  1. Off-road or mountain bike riding (26%)
  2. Looking after animals in a zoo (21%)
  3. Sliding down a huge slippery slide (13%)
  4. Making a giant cake (10%)
  5. Rolling down a big hill (9%)
  6. Flying a giant kite (7%)
  7. Working on a farm (5%)
  8. Jumping in big muddy puddles (4%)
  9. Splash painting or finger painting (3%)
  10. Only 2% didn’t know or couldn’t say