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A father and child playing together in the playground.

Make the Park Your Playground

Do you feel like you spend too much time doing household chores during your long-awaited weekends? At OMO we’ve made it our mission to transform chores like washing into a quick undertaking, so that you have more time to spend making memories with your little ones.

When was the last time your family spent an afternoon in the park? Gather your little ones on a sunny Saturday or Sunday afternoon and head to this family-friendly playground. Here are a few fun activities to use as play inspiration.

Embark on a bug safari 

The park is home to a bunch of interesting insects that your children can admire and learn about. From crickets and spiders to tadpoles, worms, rhino beetles and ladybugs, parks are teeming with life. See how many live specimens your little ones can collect (and name while they are at it). All they’ll need is a jar or an old ice cream box to start discovering. Find out how they can make their own bug catcher below.

Homemade Bug Catcher

Make some mud pies

Now this is what it means to be a kid – playing around with dirt to make something creative while stretching your imagination. What your kids will need to do here is collect as much mud and mush as they can, and create the base of a basic mud pie. They will then need to decorate their pie with whatever it is they can find around the park – from colourful flowers to flat pebbles and crunchy leaves.

Find out more about mud pies for kids

Don’t forget to come prepared

Pack some sunscreen, a picnic blanket, two or three large scatter cushions, some cold juice, and paper plates. Also, bring along a basket filled to the brim with your family’s favourite nibbles. After running about all day your little ones are going to need something to fill up their hungry bellies and refuel their wild imaginations.

Don’t worry about your children’s clothes getting dirty. Just throw their clothes in the wash when you get home, along with an OMO Auto Capsule, and let your machine handle the rest.