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The Competition: DiG Reporter

Dirt is Good offered amateur film-makers the opportunity to become a DiG reporter and travel the world. Read about the adventures of our winners here.

DIG together with Mofilm offered amateur film-makers the once in a lifetime experience of becoming a roving DiG reporter around the world. The competition was open to anyone who was not already making films professionally.

Entrants were asked to submit a short film, no more than 90 seconds long, which encapsulates the DiG philosophy that dirt is good. The winners were then given the incredible opportunity of traveling to 5 countries of their choice, meeting mums and kids and filming the children’s adventures and talking with mums to get her thoughts.

They were also flown to London to walk the red carpet of The Times 53rd BFI London Film Festival where their films were entered into one of the festival categories.

The Winners

Tamara Rosenfeld grew up in Marin County, California, just minutes from a creek she would spend days messing about in, getting covered in dirt. She says she was inspired by DiG’s dirt is good philosophy as she believes it’s an important part of growing up for any child.

Her mission as a DiG reporter reflects this belief: she came up with the theme “Growth Stays, Dirt Goes” and filmed a series of stories based on interviews with mothers and children around the world.

Diana Triana and Claudia Góngora are a young creative team from Columbia who also said DiG’s dirt is good philosophy triggered some very special personal memories from their own childhoods: climbing in the hills, playing with animals on the farm and getting dirty in the process.

They impressed the judges with their charming animated film, shot in just five days using models they’d made themselves from plasticine. They then travelled to 4 continents on their quest to capture children at play around the world.