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The cost vs. reward of child's play

However, when you consider that four of the top five activities kids would love to 'Have a Go' at include relatively cheap (or free) activities.

We obviously understand the economic pressures that families face, so it’s not surprising that almost 20% of parents around the globe are worried about their children engaging in new activities due to the associated cost. However, when you consider that four of the top five activities that kids would love to ‘have a go’ at are relatively cheap (or free) activities, like: mountain biking (26%), slipping down a slide (13%), baking a big cake (10%) and rolling down a steep hill (9%), it becomes clear that these fears can be easily overcome.

And that’s not even taking into consideration the other top activities that kids around the world would love to experience, from finger painting to jumping into a big, muddy puddle.

Grubby hands and dirty clothes are all part of the outdoors experience! Embrace the fact that dirt is good for our kids – from building their immunity to offering hours of constructive play. Before you start to panic about persistent stains, and the necessary laundry care, that go hand in hand with messy outdoor activities, remember that as long as you have access to a quality laundry detergent, like OMO, you don’t have anything to worry about!

As simple and obvious as it seems, many kids just want to have more fun outdoors! One of the things that we want most as parents is to share in the experiences with our kids and create special memories. It may not always feel as though our kids want this too, but in reality, as many as 60% of kids around the world want to do things with friends and/or family, so if we all have a go together, then we can all be happier as a result!

Feeling content about our kids spending time outside, getting dirty and simply being children is of paramount importance to their development. It fills them with self-confidence and, at the same time, fills us with pride. Children can discover different abilities in different areas; it doesn’t matter which area, what is important is to encourage them to do something. Children are increasingly being denied access to unrestricted playtime, to enjoy and learn from their natural curiosity and explore.

Ultimately, we all need to make an effort to ensure that the barricades to play are eroded and that we place the right emphasis on the importance of outdoor play. Following our interviews with kids around the world, we gave some lucky kids the opportunity to have a go at an activity that they wanted to try! Get outside, engage in play and get dirty with your kids!

We’ve compiled a list of outdoor activities that encourage kids’ play, stimulate their imagination, and nurture their curiosity.