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Getting the kids in the kitchen is not only great fun, but it’s also a great learning experience for little ones. What better way to introduce them to kids’ healthy eating than by encouraging them to experiment with different healthy ingredients? Here you’ll find lots of simple recipes for kids to cook, as well as tips for cooking with toddlers and young kids. 

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  • Create some fruit kebabs

    Creating your very own fruit kebabs is a simple, fun and interactive way to bond with your children. Read more here.

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  • Make a Dinosaur Birthday Cake
    Make a Dinosaur Birthday Cake

    Give your child a birthday cake they'll remember for years to come with these easy instructions!

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  • Rainbow Pancakes

    These are easy and fun for the kids to make with you

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  • How to Make Ice Cream
    How to Make Ice Cream

    What's better than homemade ice cream? Find out how it's done with these easy recipes!

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  • Ready for Life : Easy-as-pie Pizzas
    Kids everywhere love pizza, and what's more fun than making your favourite meal in your own kitchen? Find out how to make pizzas with your kids!
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  • OMO Activities: How to Make a Pizza Face

    This recipe uses freshly made dough but, if it's easier, you can buy ready-made bases from the supermarket. And the best thing about individual pizzas is that there are no fights over which toppings to choose! What you need: 200g plain flour 250ml warm water 1 tsp sugar 1 tsp dried yeast Tomato puree or

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The lowdown on cooking with kids

Cooking with toddlers is messy, but part of the fun is playing with sticky food and getting elbow-deep in flour. Embrace this but prepare for the mess by donning aprons and clearing away appliances from the surfaces before you get started. 

There are lots of things to cook with children that are suitable, safe and fun. Encourage toddlers to do the stirring and decorating, while older kids can take responsibility for the measuring and pouring. Remember to keep cutting and using hot utensils reserved for adults only.

Want to bring an important lesson into your cooking experiences with kids? Use healthy ingredients in your recipes for kids to cook and show little ones how to prepare them. This is one easy way to encourage kids healthy eating and you’ll find plenty of healthy things to cook with children at Omo.

When cooking with toddlers or young children, make sure they are familiarised with good practices of health and safety from the very start. Encourage them to wash their hands before, during and after cooking, and teach them to be extra careful around potential hazards like hot ovens, sharp knives, open flames or boiling water. Remember: healthy kitchen, healthy child.