OMO Hand Wash Liquid

OMO Hand Wash Liquid

Introducing the next generation of semi-concentrated handwash laundry liquid from OMO that delivers faster stain removal and a totally new washing experience!

*As tested on ordinary handwash powder vs. OMO handwash powder with direct application.

About this product

OMO Hand washing Liquid is a new generation of hand washing laundry product, which removes 2 times more stains. Its active cleaning ingredients penetrates deeper into the fibres to lift away tough dirt, leaving clothes brilliantly clean. Removing tough stains from your children’s clothes takes a lot of time and effort and sometimes the stains still won’t go away – OMO removes tough stains FASTER than a regular powder.

Just one capful is enough to remove the tough stain.

Key benefits

• OMO hand washing liquid removes stains faster than a powder
• OMO detergent penetrates into clothes and lifts away tough stains
• Removing tough stains from children's clothes
• Just one capful is enough to remove the toughest stains Removes tough stains with less effort

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