Laundry Tips

Laundry Tips

Omo's laundry tips are here to help you get the best results out of your laundry. Whether it’s a tough stain that you’re not sure how to treat, you’re unsure how to work a washing machine, or you just need to know how to wash whites, our basic laundry tips promise great everyday results. Take a look and find the answers to your laundry conundrums here.

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  • Preparation for Stain Removal

    Get a stained garment into a normal wash immediately, and it's likely to come out spotless. However some stains need a little more attention. Here's what to do before treating a tough stain: Before You Start When it comes to stains there is a need for speed. The quicker you get it in the machine, […]'

  • Removing Grease & Oil Stains
    Removing Grease & Oil Stains
    No need to fear that splash of cooking oil on your trousers - OMO is here to help!
  • World’s Toughest Stains
    World’s Toughest Stains

    Tough times call for tough (and creative) measures.

  • Handy chart on how to remove common Stains
    Whether it’s a messy teatime or the remains of a muddy day out, we’ve compiled a guide on the most common stains and how to get rid of them fast!
  • Stain removal secrets: How to remove blood stains

    If you have a child who has ever fallen off their bike, tripped in the playground, scratched themselves climbing a tree, had a nosebleed, cut themselves, pricked themselves, or generally just gone about the everyday business of being a kid, then it won’t be any secret at all that blood is one of the toughest, trickiest stains to shift. Here are our top laundry tips for shifting this most stubborn of stains.

  • How to Remove Coffee Stains
    How to Remove Coffee Stains
    Learn the art of coffee stain removal with this simple guide - it's easier than you might think!

Maximise your laundry with Omo's laundry tips

Sorting your dirty laundry before it goes in the wash is an easy and very effective way of keeping your whites bright and your colours vibrant. Follow basic laundry tips, like washing similar colours together and cleaning very dirty items separately, to avoid colour run. 

There is no fix-all solution for treating stains, and sometimes a treatment method for one stain will make another worse. We’ve got laundry tips on treating almost any type of stain, so make sure you read up on the right method before you begin. 

Knowing how to use a washing machine to its best ability is key to getting the best laundry results. Whether you need to know how to clean it, where to put the detergent or how to use it properly, our washing machine advice will get you on the right track.

Handwashing is a preferred method of washing clothes for many and is recommended on certain items. Discover our laundry tips on how to make the most of your hand washing and where it the best method to get what you need cleaned.