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Close up of colourful laundry in a basket.

Fabric Care

Can you wash cashmere, and is it ok to put shoes in the washing machine? And what do all those washing instruction symbols mean? Finding the right way to care for different fabrics can be complicated – so we’ve gathered everything you need to know. From how to do a delicate wash, to which detergent is best for which fabric, find all your answers here with our laundry tips.

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Selecting the right detergent for the fabric you are washing is important. From our selection of handwash powders and liquids, to our auto  powders, liquids and capsules, there is sure to be a detergent for your needs.

The first key step when washing anything is to check the washing instruction symbols on the garment care tag. Then familiarise yourself with the washing machine symbols, making sure that the washing machine is set to the right cycle and temperature.

Can you wash silk and other delicate fabrics in the washing machine? To find out, check the washing instruction symbols on the garment care label or browse our articles for guidance. Use a liquid detergent such as our OMO Auto Washing Liquid to clean these delicate fabrics and don't forget to read the instructions too.

Sorting your dirty laundry before you wash it is an easy and very effective way of keeping your whites bright and your colours vibrant. Follow basic laundry tips, like washing similar colours together and cleaning very dirty items separately, to avoid colours running. 

Shoes can often be washed in the washing machine without any problem. Learn which types of shoes are machine-washable and how to check if yours will stand up to the rough and tumble of the drum with Omo's advice on how to wash shoes in the washing machine.