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5 Laundry Tips for Longer Lasting Clothes

Making a mistake in your washing process can be rather costly. OMO brings you our top 5 tips on how you can keep your clothes looking, feeling and smelling as good as new. 

Tip 1:

  • Try using a mesh laundry bag in the washing machine. 
  • These mesh bags are perfect for protecting your more delicate clothes from your heavier ones. 
  • They are also great for stopping your bras and undergarments from winding around other laundry and getting damaged. 

Tip 2:

  • Wash your clothes inside out.
  • This will help prevent brightly coloured clothes from fading.
  • How does it do this? By not exposing the outside of your garment to hot water and washing detergent.
  • It also helps prevent any clothes with buttons and zips from snagging or rubbing on to other clothes while washing and spinning.

Tip 3:

  • Dry your clothes in the sun. 
  • Dry cleaning your clothes can cause them to fade.
  • The intense heat can also cause your clothes to shrink.
  • It’s far better to hang-dry them and let the sun do all the work. 

Tip 4:

  • Try not to wash your jeans too often.
  • We’re sure you’ve heard this before, but do you know why you shouldn’t? And what are the implications?
  • Washing your jeans often can cause them to fade, but they still need to be washed in order to get rid of all the dirt, oils and skin cells that accumulate through wearing them often.
  • So, when should you wash your jeans? After 4 – 5 wears. 

Tip 5:

  • Be sure to read the label.
  • This is very important because not every garment you own is the same.
  • Some are made from silk, some from wool, and some from cotton – each material requires its own specialised way of being washed.

Doing laundry can be a tricky business at times but OMO has got you covered. Learn more about how to wash specific garments here