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A closeup of white clothes in a laundry basket.

Bleach Your Whites Safely

Wearing white clothing can be tricky. While white clothing always looks fresh, you can see each and every stain as clear as daylight. There’s nothing like wearing a fresh crisp white button-up shirt to work, so we at OMO want to make sure that you use bleach properly to keep these items as fresh and crisp as can be. 

Using bleach can be daunting for anyone, which is why we have some handy tips for you to keep in mind: 

  • Make sure to only use water and to never mix bleach with any other liquid or detergent as this could cause an unwanted chemical reaction. 
  • If you have a white piece of clothing with a wine / chocolate / coffee stain on it, wash it in cool water. Cool water will help stop the stain from spreading. 
  • Create enough ventilation in the room you are using the bleach so that no chemical fumes remain in the air for you and your family to breathe in. 
  • Always use the recommended amount of bleach. Too much bleach can cause fibres to deteriorate, so make sure you always follow the recommendations on the package. Stronger does not mean better. 
  • Be sure to wear protective clothing and gloves when using bleach as it could spill on your clothes or cause a chemical burn when it comes in contact with your skin
  • The surface matters. Ensure that your favourite carpet isn’t ruined, by not using bleach in rooms that have carpets. 

Now that you have these tips to help you use bleach safely, why don’t you try using OMO Regular bleach available in 750ml or 1.5L at major retailers nationwide. Your white garments will thank you! 

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