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A closeup image of fabric folded up.

It’s All in the Fold

Folding and packing away your family’s laundry can be a time-consuming task that takes away from the fun experiences that come with being a parent. At OMO, we’re here to help you find time-saving techniques to integrate into your everyday life, allowing you to do fun and exciting things with your children.

When it comes to folding your family’s clothes, do you have any fast folding techniques? Or do you fold their clothes the fastest way possible just to get the job done? At OMO, we know clothes. Have a look below at some of our favourite techniques and tricks for folding your family’s garments.


It’s winter, and during this cold season we’ve replaced shirts and skirts for jeans and warm sweaters. Here is a fantastic method to master for when you need to fold your family’s sweaters. Start by folding both sleeves into the middle of the garment. Next, fold the sweater in half from left to right, followed by top to bottom.


Folding your family’s socks is as easy as one, two, three easy steps! Start by laying your pair of socks on top of each other. Next, roll the socks from the bottom upwards and stop just as they are resting right below the opening. The final step is to fold the opening down over the rest of the sock.


We know that hoodies can be extremely difficult to fold because of their awkward shape, but we’ve got a tried and tested technique for you to put into practice when folding your family’s hoodies.

Start by placing the hoodie face down on a flat surface. Pull both sleeves across each other towards the hoodie’s centre. Next, fold the bottom of the hoodie upwards about half way towards the sleeves. Now fold both sides inwards (leaving a small gap in the middle), and fold the bottom of the hoodie towards the top. Finally, pull the top of the hoodie (the hood) down and flip the whole thing over so the front is now facing upwards.

Try out some of these fuss-free folding methods. Not only will they save you time once you get into a rhythm, but by quickly and neatly folding your family’s clothes you are also stopping them from creasing. This means you will spend less time ironing.