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Pink and purple laundry in a washing machine.

Saving Socks from The Laundry Monster

Losing one sock to the laundry machine monster is a problem anyone with a washing machine faces on a regular basis. And truth be told, nobody knows why washing machines have such an incredible appetite for socks. They just do. However, we’ve found a way for you to protect your socks from being eaten when you wash them and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Fantastic Elastic Bands

When you put your socks in the wash as singles there is a much higher chance of one of them disappearing to the great washing basket in the sky. So, when you want to wash your socks, keep them together by wrapping an elastic band tightly around them to make sure they stay together as a pair. This way the socks you put in together stay together.

Buy Lingerie Bags

Maybe you have some of these lying around at home already? Lingerie bags are small mesh laundry bags that have just enough space in them for socks and other ‘sensitive’ items of clothing you don’t want to lose. They are a great help when it comes to doing all sorts of different washing, but they really come to your aid when you’re washing socks. Somewhat like lingerie, your socks need to stay together for them to be as useful as possible and if you wash them in a lingerie bag you can almost guarantee that they will.

Buy One Colour of Socks

Probably the most expensive way to tackle this problem is to buy loads of socks that are the same colour. Black, blue, white, green, orange; whatever colour works best for you is what you should buy. Look for a sock shop that sells socks for as little as possible and then buy as many pairs as you need to never find your socks at odds.