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An image of a child wearing wellies in the mud.

The Wonder of Wellingtons

Wellington boots are a water-resistant winter essential that every person living in a rainy country should keep close at hand, or at least tucked away in their closet. Available in child and adult sizes, as well as all shapes, colours and lengths – they have become a rainy-day accessory that some of us simply can’t live without. Take a look at why we consider these a real winter winner!

Wellingtons Last Longer

Strong and durable, you can expect your wonderful ‘wellies’ to last longer than your run-of-the-mill outdoor shoes. Made from strong rubber, these reliable boots are able to bend, twist and turn in all sorts of directions without getting damaged like normal shoes or boots would.

Perfect For Puddles

When winter settles in and clouds roll over the clear blue skies, let your children do what all kids love – play in puddles. Jumping, splashing, kicking up walls of water, as long as they’ve got their wellies on they are protected from getting wet and miserable! Don’t fear the puddles, it’s just a little water!

They Make Hiking a Breeze

Wellington boots have thick soles with great grip, allowing your little ones to explore the fun trails you conquer together. They will also let your kids run up and down on wet grass without having to worry about them slipping and hurting themselves.

DIRT is good!