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Omo bottle pack and tub on machine

OMO stands for outstanding stain removal, in particular the stains that your little ones bring home after a day in the great outdoors. Known as an iconic South African brand, OMO has been a household favourite for 42 years – helping remove the toughest stains along the way! 


Being a market leader for 27 years, OMO embodies the principles of humanitarianism, trusted partnership, human respect, competence, confidence, optimism, respect, the wonder of human potential, the right to try and fail and try again, and learning from every experience.


Globally, hundreds of scientists work on OMO laundry formulations, designed to penetrate deep into the fibres of your clothing, giving you outstanding stain removal. You’ll find everything you need with OMO’s range of laundry detergents. Whether you’re looking for washing powder or liquid detergent or capsules – you can trust that OMO is the stain removal solution for you. 


From the vast hand wash market to the machine washing sector, OMO has a wash solution to make the job easier for everybody. OMO is also recommended and endorsed by leading washing machine manufacturers such as, BOSCH, SAMSUNG, LG and DEFY.


From the first OMO washing powder launched in 1963 till today, you can still look forward to every laundry day and count on OMO to help you remove tough stains.