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Stain Removal Tips


Stains mean experience, so getting them is good, but removing them quickly is even better. Get back out there feeling fresh and confident with our expert stain removal tips and tricks – from how to get grease stains out to how to get red wine stains out, we’ve got all bases covered.

All Omo's detergents are packed with stain-removing power, but really tough stains might still need a little extra effort. To get a tough stain out, you may sometimes need to pre-treat the stain before starting your wash. You can use our Omo liquid detergents or washing powders mixed with a little bit of water to pre-treat your stain before hand or machine washing the item. 

A lot of stain removing advise says to act quickly- but that is not always the case.  Candle Wax , for example needs you to wait a while before trying to get the stain out. Read our articles for the best advice on how to get the stains you need removed.

As with speed, the temperature you should expose stains to will vary. The best stain remover method depends on what stains are made of: protein-based stains need cold water but to learn how to get grease stains out you’ll need to turn on the hot tap.

It’s easy to rush into treating a stain, but before you do, read the garment care label carefully and follow the instructions. Not all fabrics can be machine washed and the best stain remover for clothes made of silk is likely to be different to that used on cotton.