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Tough times call for tough (and creative) measures.

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3 Tips for Dealing With The World’s Toughest Stains

Tough times call for tough (and creative) measures. When it comes to removing stains that seep deeper and faster into your clothing than others, it is time to whip out the big guns – which in this case are a handful of tips and tricks that could save the piece of clothing from the point of no return. Remember to always finish off what ever method you are using with a regular OMO wash.

Hot Chocolate

There is nothing more soothing than enjoying a warm and rich cup of cocoa or hot chocolate with your family in the evenings or just before bed time. But, although this creamy chocolate creation tastes like heaven on earth, spilling it on your clothes can be the complete opposite. If you find that yourself, your partner or one of your children has spilt some hot chocolate on their clothes, immediately remove the article of clothing and run it under a stream of cold water. Then fill up a sink or a bucket with a mix of water and detergent and let it soak. Finally, toss it into the washing machine and let OMO Auto Liquid do the rest of the work.


Seeing your child waltz through the door with an ink stained sleeve or shirt can make any parent boil with red-hot rage. It more than likely isn’t the child’s fault, mistakes do indeed happen. It is just the shlep of having to remove ink from school clothes – it is never easy. Most ink stains come from black or blue pens and, if you have boys, they tend to spread their way through a white uniforms fast. If you end up finding yourself in this dilemma, fear not, because we know exactly how to remove these stains. If the ink is water-based, lay the piece of clothing flat on a hard surface and softly massage detergent into the affected area. One you have done this, wash it normally. If however the ink is not water-based, softly dab some nail polish remover into the stained area – that should do the trick.


For those of you that enjoy a glass of wonderful red wine from time to time, especially when kicking back and attempting to de-stress from the tiring day behind you, the last thing you want to happen is spilling this ruby red liquid onto your clothes. If this does end up happening, try not to loose your cool. Instead take a deep breath through your nose, exhale slowly, take off the stained article of clothing and proceed to soak it in a mixture of dishwashing liquid and white vinegar. Once it has finished rinsing use an enzyme based stain removal stick to the affected area. Leave it to rest for half an hour, throw in into the wash and voila – good as new!